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WOmen's Health by Heather HIrsch POdcast

Health by Heather Hirsch is a podcast dedicated to uncovering and answering many of the myths and misconceptions surrounding women’s health issues, especially in midlife and at menopause. With a 5 star rating and many positive reivews, you will want to dig in!

Health by Heather Hirsch ON Youtube

With over 4,300 Subscribers and new videos released on weekly, Dr. Hirsch’s YouTube channel is one of the fastest growing menopause channels. With all her amazing and easy to understand videos, you will want to binge watch right away


Best Vitamins & Supplements at Menopause

What are the best vitamins and supplements to take at midlife and at menopause? In this video, I take a dive into what you should take and what you should leave on the shelf. Check out this video so you can make an informed decision on what to take at midlife and menopause.

Treating Hair loss in menopause

In this video, I discuss a very common question that I get in the office: Is my hair loss from menopause and what can I do to help it? I discuss some natural remedies, vitamins and supplements that can help, and medications that you could discuss with your doctor.

Weight loss at Menopause

In this video I interview my friend and expert Kim Schlag. She helps break down this topic into what women can do to stay positive and motivated when trying to lose weight at menopause. We talk diet, fitness, and a lot of psychology. Thanks Kim!